Hope Focused Couples Therapy


Have you ever felt hopeless in your relationship or marriage? You love your spouse & you desire a strong, healthy relationship. Perhaps there was a time that your marriage was thriving. But over the years, miscommunication, pain, ambivalence, betrayal, infidelity, heartache, etc. leave you feeling lost & deeply wounded, wondering if your marriage can possibly recover. Or perhaps there isn’t a single glaring issue that’s causing relational distress. Perhaps it’s emotional distance that silently grows & grows. No matter how hard you try to reconnect & close the gap, the distance remains.

What if there was hope? What if you could rediscover your strengths as a couple - those parts of your relationship that once helped you thrive? And what if those strengths could help you emerge from the brokenness, rebuilding hope & faith for the future of your marriage?

Hope-Focused Couples Therapy does exactly that. This approach to couples counseling does not minimize the problems in your relationship. Your wounds are real & they need healing. However, Hope-Focused Couples Therapy believes that the key to a thriving relationship is building hope through developing the strengths & virtues that you already possess (Ripley & Worthington, 2014).

At Resplendence Counseling, we believe that it is possible for your marriage to thrive and we are committed to helping you heal wounds, build hope, and restore faith in the future of your relationship. Our staff is trained & certified in Hope-Focused Couples Therapy and we are currently accepting new appointments for couples counseling. It’s our privilege to journey alongside of you as you strengthen your relationship!

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Ripley, J. S., & Worthington, E. L., Jr. (2014). Couple therapy: A new hope-focused approach. Downers Grove, IL, US: InterVarsity Press.